One year on, we take a fond look back at a wonderful weekend in March 2020 when we recorded our debut album ‘BINGE’. It was the last time that HTC members were all in the same room together. Who could have possibly known what a strange year it was going to be?


What a weekend we had though! It was exhilarating, it was exhausting, but ultimately it was the most thrilling experience!

HTC celebrated its 10 year anniversary in 2020 and it seemed fitting for us to record some of our favourite songs from stage and screen in order to showcase how far we had come in that time.

In preparing for the recording weekend, Catherine, our hugely talented Musical Director, pushed us hard on the finer details of our performance. She was a stickler at making us all come into a song at EXACTLY the same time. She shouted “DICTION DICTION DICTION” more times than I care to remember. We even had to lose our usual Yorkshire accents! It didn’t stop there…..she insisted on well placed consonants, putting the right emphasis on the vowels, finishing the word endings….phew, quite honestly she was an absolute tyrant! She even wanted us to smile as well!!

But do you know what? All her passion and hard work paid off and, when Steve, our brilliant Sound Engineer, finally said “That’s the one” on our final take, we not only felt extremely proud of what we had achieved, I think we had made Catherine very proud and that felt good.


The plans to launch our CD at an Anniversary Concert last July obviously had to go on the back burner, but we still had a successful ‘socially distanced’ launch in October and our CD ‘BINGE’ is now on sale. Visit our album page to listen to track tasters and to find out how you can buy our music.

We are currently supporting MIND in Harrogate District as our chosen charity and half the proceeds from the sale of our CD goes to helping them continue the wonderful work they do.

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