We use an online system called Muzodo to help us keep track of who is available to sing at upcoming events and rehearsals. It gives singers easy access to concert/rehearsal details and, if you use an electronic calendar, events can be added automatically if you wish.  In summary:

  • We can easily let everyone know there’s an event (concert or rehearsal) scheduled.
  • A ‘one click’ response confirms your availability.
  • It helps us keep track of who can make it.
  • It makes it easy to send reminders to those who haven’t responded
  • We can also send out general announcements very easily

What does Muzodo do for us?

  • It saves our Secretary a lot of time wading through email responses and sending out reminders.
  • It enables our Musical Director to see at a glance which singers are going to be available for each event, sorted by voice group.   This helps with the early planning of concert programmes, and makes it much easier to factor in solos and ensembles, based on the availability of singers.
  • It also forms a key part of maintaining our membership database, helping us to keep your contact details up to date

What does it do for you?

  • It gives you an easy way to respond to event invitations. You get an email with the following response buttons:
    • YES
    • NO
    • MAYBE
    • You can also add a comment with your response
  • You can also view all the performance/rehearsal dates very easily from your Muzodo account, including details such as venue, dress code, arrival time etc.

What do I need to do as a new member?

  • Your name and email address will be added to the HTC Muzodo account by our Secretary.
    A word on privacy: communication between your computer and the Muzodo server is encrypted. This means that all your data is safe and cannot be snooped on as it transits the internet.
  • You will automatically receive a Welcome email from MUZODO asking you to confirm your membership. You will be asked to create your own secure password at this stage.
  • Our Secretary will issue invitations to all scheduled rehearsals and concerts. For concerts you need to respond YES, NO or MAYBE. You’ll receive automatic reminders if you forget to respond. For rehearsals, the default response is set to YES so you will need to change your response if you are unable to attend some of the dates. You’ll also receive a reminder about 1 or 2 days before every rehearsal.

Once your Muzodo account is open, it is very easy to use and navigate around but a User Guide is available. Jean Mills and Gerry Shaw will also be on hand to support any members needing help.