Meet John….

The Harrogate Theatre Choir is a friendly, supportive group which I re-joined in March 2018. I have sung with other groups over the years and performed in stage shows. But becoming a member of HTC has stretched me again musically. I enjoy the opportunity to make music and entertain appreciative audiences. If we can make them smile, laugh and occasionally cry at the same time, we have done our job.

Some of the venues where I have performed with HTC include Harrogate Theatre, on the steps leading up to the auditorium; in the Studio Theatre; Fountains Abbey (where the light gradually got worse as the winter afternoon closed in!); in the magical and enchanting medieval Holy Trinity Church in Goodrumgate, York; and in Masham Town Hall.

I believe that music helps to open the eyes and ears of the soul whether you are singing or listening to it. I often find that the stresses of a difficult day can be eased by singing with others of a like mind. What’s more, it’s fun!

If someone should ask me why they should come and listen to HTC, I’d say “Because we are GOOD, that’s why!” We sing all kinds of lighter music and can entertain and amuse. Give us a chance to sing something more serious and we will surprise you as an audience.







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